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Tuning perfection.

More is better. We’ve got two state-of-the-art, load-controlled dynamometers, and a team of fully trained and certified operators who’ve logged thousands of hours and hundreds of pulls with our dyno testing/tuning.

We’re the only place in town with an in-ground, AWD Dynojet 224lc able to handle 2,000 HP, 2,000 ft/lbs of torque and up to 200 mph. We’ve also got a Dynojet 250ix for your UTV, ATV, or bike.

Give your vehicle a physical. Our dynos are like heart monitors, no matter if it’s an 8 HP pit bike, or a monster torque diesel truck.

Whatever gets your adrenalin pumping, bring it in today.

  • 2,000 hp measurement capacity

  • 2,000 ft/lbs of torque

  • Max speed of 200 mph

  • Eddy current load absorption unit

  • 24″ knurled, precision balanced drum


Certified Dyno Testing Tuning Specialists


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