Whether you want to be scrapping the ground or riding above the rest, Street To Sand can get you there. We only sell the best products and can get you where you want to be within your budget. We have built many custom show vehicles for people all over the US, and we can do it for you too. Check out our line of lift/lowering kits, suspension suppliers and tire/wheel companies. If we can't get it, it doesn't exist.

  • Lift kits
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Exhaust and Intakes
  • Truck Accessories
  • Engine Tuning
  • Custom Fabrication

Being the only certified and trained dynamometer operators in Northern Nevada, you can be sure your car or truck is in great hands here. We offer mild to wild builds to fit any budget, and we can custom tune your vehicle using the latest tuning software available. See before and after results on our Dynojet 224LC in ground dynamometer. We can also dyno and tune your Harley, street bike or any other custom 2 wheel ride you have on 1 of our 2 Dynojet dynos.

  • Engine Building
  • Transmission Building
  • Suspension
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Chassis Fabrication

Need more power in the dunes? Having built many high horsepower sand rails, we have what you need! From mild to wild, hill shooters to dune chasers, our guys can build it for you. We have our own Tatum Black Widow Spider pushing 1000 horsepower, we know how addicting the sand can be. Let us help you be the first at the top of the hill!

If you prefer sand and dirt over asphalt, we can help too. From small fun builds to full blown stroker motors, our mechanics and technicians can get you ahead of the competition in a hurry. See before and after results from our Dynojet 250IX dyno and see proof that you can have more power than your buddy. We specialize in speed!

No matter what type of part you may need for your project, we can CNC machine it, water jet it, weld it and bend it for you. We have extensive knowledge of chassis fab and precision milling.

Our dynamometer is a state of the art load controlled Dynojet 224LC. We are trained and certified in operating both of our dynos and have logged thousands of hours and hundreds of pulls. We can handle 2000hp and 2000ft/lbs of toque on our eqiuptment. From your little 8hp pit bike to your monster torque diesel toys, we got you covered!

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